Hanging Bridge at the Back 40
Jul 18, 2019 AT 5:40 BY

Along Northwest Arkansas’ Highway 71 in Bella Vista, among thedense forest and towering rock of the Ozarks, blink and you might miss a flashof chrome and color as riders tear around the corner of Hanging Bridge.

Hanging Bridge, a 100-footsection on the Back 40, is visible from the interstate, acting as a live-actionbillboard for cycling culture in the region, sparking curiosity and beckoningriders into the forest for a spin around the 22.2 mile loop.                               More than just essential infrastructure across unforgivingterrain, Hanging Bridge has been dubbed “an incredibly creative piece of trailart” by those who ride it.

On the west side of theBack 40 and 20 feet above the road, two sections of Hanging Bridge arecantilevered to the side of a sheer rock bluff. Depending on how you choose toride this nondirectional trail, you will encounter the bridge approximately 4or 15 miles into the journey.                                      Atight section with 18-24 inch tread, Hanging Bridge is an intimate experience,bringing riders up close and personal with their natural surroundings. Thismoderate-to-easy cross-country single-track welcomes visitors of most abilitieswith a relatively smooth, flat ride as they skirt across the face of the bluff.Thenext time you’re driving down the interstate, take a moment to look up and catcha glimpse of Hanging Bridge, a memorable feature that lets nature speak foritself. 

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